3 Lucrative Reasons You Should Volunteer Your Time With a Nonprofit

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Here at Pink Warrior Angels of Texas, we have a passion for providing aid to Cancer Warriors (those battling Cancer) and their loved ones. Our team of unpaid volunteers say they find working with us to be some of the most rewarding experiences of their lives, so we asked them to tell us why it’s important to them. Based on their collective responses, here are our top 3 reasons to volunteer your time with a non-profit.


  1. It benefits YOU


We all know volunteering helps others, but did you know it can have positive benefits for you? Studies have shown volunteering your time improves your mood and decreases the levels of stress in your body. 

We all need ways to relieve stress, right? Why not do it in a way that helps others at the same time?

Also, those who volunteer on a regular basis are more likely to gain employment since the majority of employers see volunteering as a desirable trait in a potential hire. 

Jenny, a social media coordinator for our team, says this was definitely the case for her.

Missing in-person volunteer opportunities due to the 2020 pandemic restrictions when she started working remotely with us, she said she remembers waking up feeling like she had something important to do, even though she was confined to her home to do it.

Not only that, but she found she was feeling less panicked and getting better rest.

When we volunteer our time we do it because we care, of course, but we keep coming back because it also improves the quality of our lives. We want to help more and share more to improve everyone’s lives.

Interested in helping us help others? Head over to our volunteer page to find out more HERE.


  1. Help raise awareness about a cause you care about


Are you super into animal rescue? What about working with kids? Or making the world a more sustainable place? When you volunteer your time for a cause you care about not only do you get to help a nonprofit out, but you also get to help a platform extend its reach that much more. 

Social media coordinator Krystle discusses this when she talks about volunteering for a Cancer organization. 

It’s personal for her because her aunt is battling Breast Cancer, for the third time, all the way in the Philippines. It’s hard to be so far away, and it makes Krystle ask herself what she can do to help from such a distance. 

Knowing a loved one battling Cancer shows you how fragile life is, which is why it’s all the more valuable to spend your time raising awareness for causes you care about that are going to make the world a better place.


  1. Volunteering is a way to pay it forward


In a world where people are feeling isolated and fatigued, it is important now more than ever to reach out and lend a helping hand. When you volunteer your time for a nonprofit, you know you are paying forward some act of kindness that has previously been done to you.

Founder Julie Moser knows firsthand how this feels. When diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the first time, she was saddened to see the lack of resources available for those in all stages of the battle. 

This inspired her to found Pink Warrior Angels of Texas, a nonprofit to pay it forward to all those that helped her during her fight. Now, she wants to help as many people as she possibly can get through a journey that is one of the hardest to face. 

It benefits her life greatly to serve others, raise awareness about Cancer, and to make sure everyone knows, you are never alone.

Learn more at our volunteer page HERE.

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