We proudly provide financial assistance to women/men who who are currently in active treatment for a cancer diagnosis.

Financial Assistance

We recognize that a cancer diagnosis comes with unexpected costs and hardships.  If you are experiencing financial hardship,  Pink Warrior Angels may be able to help.  

Our financial assistance can be used to alleviate some of the burdens from monthly bills such as electricity, water, mortgage or rent, groceries, car payments, or transportation.  We do not provide any financial assistance for business-related requests, credit card payments, repayment to friends or family, activities or vacations, or purchasing a vehicle.

Each month we evaluate applications received into our financial assistance program from men or women who are currently receiving treatment for a cancer diagnosis.  If you meet our criteria, we invite you to apply.

FAQ for Financial Assistance Applicants

In addition to the eligibility requirements stated above, the best candidates for funding from Pink Warrior Angels  can make a clear and direct connection between their current financial difficulties and their experience with cancer.

The application process asks the applicant to define how their cancer experience has impacted their current financial situation.  Applicants must show a financial struggle as a direct result of their cancer treatment (e.g., lost wages, high medical bills, etc.) or its aftermath (e.g., limited ability to work, side effects from treatment, etc.)  Or, the applicant must show how their income has been limited, employment options reduced, jobs lost, or major losses in wages sustained due to their cancer experience.

Financial Assistance amounts are dependent on many factors including, the donations, and fundraising success of the organization, the number of applicants that have applied, and the details provided in the application form.

Financial Assistance is paid directly to the creditor that is requesting the payment and not directly to the applicant. This process can take 4-6 weeks ( if approved)

  • Basic personal and contact information
  • Information about your cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Your current financial picture including monthly income, monthly expenses, assets you may own, and liabilities/debts you owe
  • The completion of a Medical History Verification Form, signed by a licensed medical professional with whom you have a relationship (e.g., oncologist, primary care physician, nurse practitioner)
  • 2 months’ most recent pay stubs
  • Copies of the (full invoice) bills you would like to submit assistance with
  • Copy of your Driver’s license or State ID
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