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"Giving back is key to help those who are in the shadows that do not know how to ask for help – Julie Moser, Founder."


Pink Warrior Angels of Texas was founded by Julie Moser, a breast cancer survivor who felt extremely alone during her treatments.  While she had the unconditional support of their friends and family, they had no one to turn to who had actually experienced cancer first hand.  From the moment someone is diagnosed, their entire life can be flipped inside out and though they may not realize it at first, seeking support through those that have experienced and conquered their own similar battles with cancer, is something we strongly believe to be invaluable

Pink Warrior Angels currently provides an “Angel" of support who has completed treatment for breast cancer,  to a newly diagnosed “Warrior”.  Our “angels” commit to providing support to their assigned “warrior" in the form of gifts, words of encouragement, cards, and even in person meetings.  Creating these life long bonds -  reassures our warriors that they do not have to walk this challenging time alone and to feel inspired that they can and will come out of this.  In addition to the emotional support, Pink Warrior Angels of TX also provides financial assistance to those in need.  There are many unexpected expenses that follow a cancer diagnosis, ranging from medical bills and co-pays, rides to treatment, meal planning, and cleaning services just to name a few.  Our mission is to do whatever it is we can to lessen the burden of a cancer diagnosis, both financially and emotionally, and to ensure that our warriors know they are never alone.

We are incredibly proud of the support we have received from our supporter.  We strive to create a place where, those who are newly diagnosed, can be equipped with any and all local resources which may help them through out their treatment. Giving back is key to help those who are in the shadows that do not know how to ask for help – Julie Moser, Founder.

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