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04.28.2018 9:00 am - 11:00 pm


Pink Warrior Angels is #savannahstrong for Relay 2018

On Sept 13th, 2016 Savannah’s world as she knew it came to a halt. For 5 months leading up to this day, her family had been misinformed and misdiagnosed on what was actually going on with Savannah. They were now being told Savannah had cancer. This is something that just doesn't happen everyday. She was always healthy and active. In fact she was doing cheer try outs when the "injury" happened.

Her family were told everything from muscle sprains to juvenile arthritis even that thier freshman daughter had anorexia. Now all of a sudden they are learning about bone cancer. Ewing Sarcoma to be exact.

It took weeks from the initial cancer diagnosis before the family were told It had a name. Ewing Sarcoma. A rare cancer. This cancer affects 10-20 yr olds. It can be localized (just one area) or metastatic (spread to other areas).

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